Razor Plating Services

TEMPORARY SHUT DOWN – We have sold our home and will be relocating back to Wyoming where I will build my new razor plating shop. We are not accepting new orders and will be finishing up orders in the que. Look for our reopening mid August. Thank You to the thousands of customers that have made purchases from our stores. We truly appreciate each and every one of you!

$50 to $100 depending on razor and plating

Check out the ORDER STATUS page for Hours, Schedule, and status of received Razors.

Backroadsgold.com Restores and Replates Safety Razors for Re-Sellers, Stores, Collectors, Users and for our own Store here and on Etsy. Razors are Restored and Plated in our Shop in the Historic 1860’s Mining Town of Chloride Arizona.

We offer 24 K Hard Gold, Palladium/Cobalt, Silver or Bright Nickel Plating / Replating of Safety Razors and Other Collectibles. Razors are ‘New Again’ and Shave Ready. Check out our Gallery, and Past Sales On Etsy for examples of past razors we have done . Read our Buyer Feedback from Ebay, and Reviews from Etsy Buyers, we deliver! 

Palladium with added Cobalt is an excellent alternative to the very high priced Rhodium. It is from the Platinum group of metals and has very similar white color and hardness of Rhodium.

NO SALES TAX Except AZ in our shop, or direct send. Prepurchase Services from our SHOP, our Etsy Store, or Send First and be billed via Paypal after final approval. Or you can send your razor with a check or postal money order. Email me to have your EBAY Razor purchase mailed direct to me, just have the seller include your name in the package. All services and razors available in any of the shops can be requested through email and billed through Paypal, then only Arizona is charged sales tax.

Send your razor(s) to (temporarily closed) Include a note with your name, address, Email Address and plating prefference. Include Paypal email address if billing through Paypal.

Safety Razors receive: Disassembly, Stripping, Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting, Satin Resurfacing or Mirror Polish, Cleaning and Degreasing- Commercial Heated Ultrasonic then Electrocleaned, Surface Acid Activation, Bright Nickel Plating, 24K Hard Gold Plate @ 29µin, Silver, Rhodium or Platinum

FATBOYS , Toggles and Executives – We paint the numbers and selector spring with Testors enamel paint. The black ring below the selector dial is now USA made automotive pinstriping, which in our exprience lasts longer than painting with enamel – see pic.

All restored razors not in an original box come in a Gold Bar Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity, that states the collectible was replated and refurbished from it’s original condition.

Gillette Gold Plated Razors
Gillette NEW Long Comb Razor, NEW Ball End Razor, Fat Handle Tech Razor, and Blade Banks plated in 24K Gold

We use a 24 karat hardened gold plating that is many times more thick (29 micro-inches) than the original plating or gold wash used in the early 1900’s. Anything less than 20µin is considered Electroplating, over 20µin is considered Gold Plate by the FTC. We provide a shave ready, restored razor with high hardness, corrosion and wear resistance. Our Guarantee covers the first 6 months under normal use, if cleaned only with Dawn dish liquid, a soft toothbrush, and hair dryer dried, sent in with Certificate. 

Some original gold plated razors had a layer of clear lacquer applied to protect the plating. Our 24K dip plated hard gold is tougher than most other electroplated gold we have tried and will hold up well for normal shaving.

Not all razors can be made to look brand new with a mirror finish.
Heads, Caps and Door exteriors will always have a new, mirror look, regardless of the rest of the razors condition. Depending on the degree of wear and oxidation, we can get any condition razor back close to factory condition. The best mirror finish razors usually come from above average condition donor razors. Extremely worn or oxidized razors look really good, but may have blemishes which add patina. We do not try to overly buff a worn razor to a mirror finish as brass is soft and details suffer. We protect the detail and lettering and will always maintain those above minor imperfections. For razors in this condition, It gives a unique antique look with uniform plating.

EXCLUSIONS – We do not plate Gem Micromatics. Chrome, Zamak, Zinc, or Pot Metal Razors, Blue Tips & Starburst. Steel Black Handle Gillette’s are OK. 

Razors should be in good working condition and not requiring repairs to be made, while we do offer repairs, please email first about any repairs needed.  We straighten comb teeth at owners risk only, 30% of the time the teeth break. Doors should close, adjusters should adjust. Plating issues or cleanliness does not matter as much as functionality. The final result is totally dependent upon the condition of the razor sent in. The nicer the condition, the nicer the final result. A heavily pitted razor will look 10X better, but may still have a few flaws. We offer Mirror Finish and Satin.

Gillette 3 pc and TTO Non Adjustables – $65 Shipping Included

Gillette Fatboys and Slim Adjustables –  $65 Shipping Included

Double and Single Edge Razors –  $65 Shipping Included

Single New End Cap $10 (we supply the end cap and install)

Blade Banks – $30

3 Piece Head and Guard Only – $35

Handles – $35

Metal Razor Case – $75

Please Contact us for prices of any other items or collectibles you may want plated.

TRADE INS – Not accepting trade ins at this time.