Razor Sales

Custom order a Gillette Razor with 7 day turnaround Max. These razors are Made To Order and will get the full treatment, cleaning, disinfecting, polishing and plating. See description of Service below. Send an email to chris@backroadsgold.com requesting a razor quote. If a particular razor is not in stock, not listed, or a particular date code is needed, I will quote a price based on purchasing a razor from one of the markets. Pictures are sent when razor is complete, followed by a Paypal invoice. No state tax!


Plating is guaranteed for 6 months under normal use, if cleaned only with Dawn dish liquid, a soft toothbrush, and hair dryer dried, returned with original certificate.

This Razor is New Again and is SHAVE READY and receives:


  1. Repairs are made, guards are straightened, doors are straightened, mechanics are checked, razor is then disassembled.
  2. Deep Cleaning / Disinfecting in 160 degree Ultrasonic with special degreaser / soap scum remover, then a 10 minute soak in Pine Sol (kills 99.9% of germs including Covid-19- FDA Approved)
  3. Polishing and resurfacing, mirror polish where needed.
  4. Hand Polish with special jewelers cloths.
  5. Ultrasonic Deep Clean / Disinfecting at 160 degrees, 160 degree Electroclean, Surface Activation, Bright Nickel Plating
  6. If indicated- 24K Hard Gold Plate or Diamond White Rhodium.
  7. For Adjustables I paint the numbers and selector spring with Testors enamel paint. The black ring below the selector dial on Fatboys and Executives is now USA made automotive pinstriping, which in our experience lasts longer than painting with enamel. Red Tips and Blue Tips use Humbrol Enamel paints then are baked on, repeated and baked 2nd time.
  8. Reassembly, blade gap is checked and set, mechanics are checked.
  9. Final Hand Polish

We Add $4 for Priority Shipping to USA Only!

Due to new International Shipping Requirements, Canada Shipping is available through ETSY ONLY. Shipping to USA and CANADA ONLY

All razors not in an original box come inside a black velvet drawstring bag, in a Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity, that states the collectible was replated and refurbished from it’s original condition with a Gillette Logo Card on reverse, a Shonnon’s Soap ShaveSoap Sample and a brand new 5 pack of Gillette Silver Blue Blades.

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