Razor Plating Services


High Quality Razor Replating at affordable prices.
We strive for the highest quality using Mirror Nickel and 24k Gold, the metals that Gillette chose for the majority of their razors. We also offer Palladium and Platinum Plating.
Gillette Old Typr Heads replated for my color chart of plating metals. The first is what a typical Tune-Up polish on the original Nickel plate would look like. I have also added the Mohs Hardness of each metal. I do not carry Platinum or Rhodium. ***

Backroadsgold.com Restores and Replates Vintage Gillette Safety Razors for Re-Sellers, Stores, Collectors and Users. We also replate Above The Tie, Karve, Razorock, Charcoal Goods, Rockwell, Ever-Ready, GEM, Star, and other single and double edge safety razors with Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel as the basemetal

I offer Copper, Silver, 24 K Hard Gold, Palladium, and Mirror Nickel Plating / Replating of Safety Razors and Other Collectibles. The NEW Flash Silver is a thin layer of silver over Mirror Nickel. The NEW Copper Plating is a heavy copper coat which may need polished from time to time, FDA says copper is Antimicrobial. Razors are ‘New Again’ and Shave Ready. Current examples of completed razors are on our Gallery page. New razors posted weekly on my Facebook.


  1. Inspection, Repairs are made, guards are straightend, doors are straightened, mechanics are checked, endcaps soldered (purchased on Etsy or donor razor supplied by customer), razor is then disassembled.
  2. Sart with a 10 minute soak in Pine Sol (kills 99.9% of germs). Then 1 hour of Deep Cleaning / Disinfecting in 160 degree Ultrasonic with special degreaser / soap scum remover.
  3. Polishing. Worn, pitted locations are sanded and or smoothed out, heavy pitting will be lessened but still be visible. Outer Head Surface and Endcaps are sanded to remove all scratches and pitting then mirror polished smooth. The rest of the razor will have a polished factory finish.
  4. Hand Polish with special jewelers cloths.
  5. Next, ALL razors receive Ultrasonic Deep Clean / Disinfecting at 160 degrees then 160 degree Electroclean, then Surface Activation, then Bright Nickel Plating
  6. Next I add Copper, Silver, 24K Hard Gold Plate, or Palladium if chosen.
  7. I paint the numbers and selector spring with Testors enamel paint. The black ring below the selector dial on Fatboys and Executives is now USA made automotive pinstriping, which in our exprience lasts longer than painting with enamel. Red Tips and Blue Tips use Humbrol Enamel paints then are baked on, repeated and baked 2nd time.
  8. Reassembly, blade gap is checked and set, mechanics are checked.
  9. Final Hand Polish,

FATBOYS , Toggles and Executives – We paint the numbers and selector spring with Testors enamel paint. The black ring below the selector dial is now USA made automotive pinstriping, which in our exprience lasts longer than painting with enamel – see pic.

Gift Box, Velvet Bag, Gillette Silver Blue Blades, COA, Shannons Shave Soap
Gillette Gold Plated Razors
Gillette NEW Long Comb Razor, NEW Ball End Razor, Fat Handle Tech Razor, and Blade Banks plated in 24K Gold

My Plating Guarantee covers the first 12 months under normal use, following these recommended cleaning proceedures: After each use, take the blade out immediately after shaving, before everything dries. Rinse every part with very hot water. Dry with microfiber cloth.

I use a 24 karat hardened gold plating that is many times more thick (29 micro-inches) than the original plating or gold wash used in the early 1900’s. Anything less than 20µin is considered Electroplating, over 20µin is considered Gold Plate by the FTC. I provide a shave ready, restored razor with high hardness, corrosion and wear resistance.

Razors should be in good working condition, we do offer repairs, please email first about any repairs needed.  I straighten comb teeth at owners risk only, 30% of the time the teeth break. Plating issues or cleanliness does not matter much. The final result is totally dependent upon the condition of the razor sent in. The nicer the condition, the nicer the final result. A heavily pitted razor will look 10X better, but may still have a few flaws.

EXCLUSIONS – I do not plate Bottom Dials, Red Dot Fatboys, Gem Micromatics, Chrome, Zamak, Zinc, Pot Metal Razors, Blue Tips, Black Handles, Black Beauties, Starburst or Aluminum handle razors. Not replating Razor Cases at this time.


Please use the ORDER FORM for sending in razors. Pricing is below, NO Sales Tax! The first razor will be charged $4.00 extra for USPS PRIORITY MAIL- USA Only, which includes $50 insurance, if you would like to purchase more, let me know. After Pictures are sent to owner for approval, the Razor is comes in a Black Velvet drawstring bag and is returned in a Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity, that states the razor was replated and refurbished from it’s original condition, along with a Vintage Gillette Logo Card, a Shannons Soaps LTD shave soap sample and a 5 pack of Gillette Silver Blue Blades.

  • Re-Plate Gillette Toggle, Fatboy and Slim adjustable safety razors
    • Nickel – $55__Copper – $60__Silver – $60__Gold – $65__Palladium – $65
  • Re-Plate ALL Other Safety Razors (Except those excluded below)
    • Nickel – $50__Copper – $55__Silver – $55__Gold – $60__Palladium – $60
  • Toggle Only – $75 Gold, Nickel or Palladium
  • TUNE-UP – CLEAN AND POLISH – Same pretreatment clean and polish as our re-plating service. Safety Razor Disassembled, adjusted, disinfected and polished.
    • Gillette Adjustables $30________All Others $25
  • Add On Items (when ordering safety razor re-plating)
    • Single New End Cap $10 each (we supply the end cap, install, and plate with razor)
    • Blade Banks – $30
    • 3 Piece Head – $20
    • 3 Piece Guard – $20
    • 3 Piece Handle – $25

*** Due to the various ways people are disinfecting these days because of Covid, the paint and pinstriping on adjustables and red tips are only guaranteed through normal cleaning. They will last if cleaned as recommended. (Some people are boiling off the paint and striping when receiving, or soaking in alcohol, razors leave us sanitized, this is not needed)

*** 4-15-21 Rhodium has hit $29,000 an ounce. Im sorry, I am not going to be paying the $3500 to replenish my bath. The main reason is Rhodium contaminates too easily. If I were to contaminate it, all gets thrown away. This is way too much risk.

[[[ Info and Examples on our website- www.backroadsgold.com – Back Roads Gold is not an associate of the Gillette Company and the content or viewpoint of this product is not endorsed by the Gillette Company – Sale is marked as Repaired Razor Return – Value of sale and HS Code 8212.10 ]]]