Order Form To Replate Razors

ATTN! I will be on Vacation Oct 1 to 17. Razors waiting when I get back will be done the week of the 18th. 7 day turnaround or less.

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PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________

OR: CHECK_________ MONEY ORDER________ (Either made out to Chris Spencer)

RAZOR (Max 5 Per Order)_________| Plating Preference, Repairs To Be Made

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_______________________________ Send Above With Order ______________________________
  1. Email chris@backroadsgold.com and let me know what you are sending in and when, I will email back with the address to send the razor(s) to. We spend part of the winter in Quartzsite Arizona, the rest of the year in Frannie, WY.
  2. Your razor(s) will be added to the Order Status page in the order they are received.
  3. Print this order form and include with the razor(s), or email the above info to me.
  4. When work is complete, you will be emailed pictures, invoice from Paypal will follow.
  5. Free First Class Return Shipping USA Only. If you would like to be charged for insurance, please let me know. International and Canada orders are charged actual shipping cost, Insurance strongly suggested, request if needed. Return of Repair Tariff number 9801.00.1082 is used, shouldnt be any Tax, but not guaranteed.
  • NEW PLATING PRICING – $60.00 – Any Razor – Any Plating
  • Nickel | Copper | Silver | Gold | Palladium
  • TUNE-UP – CLEAN AND POLISH – $25.00 Razors receive the same pretreatment, clean and polish as our re-plating service. Safety Razor Disassembled, adjusted, disinfected and polished. No Extras, Bag, Blades or soap samples with Tune-Ups
    • Any Gillette Razor, Adjustables, TTO, 3 Piece – $25
  • Add On Items (when ordering safety razor re-plating)
    • Single New End Cap $10 each (we supply the end cap, install, and plate with razor)
    • Blade Banks – $30
    • 3 Piece Head – $20
    • 3 Piece Guard – $20
    • 3 Piece Handle – $25

Exclude Safety Razors – Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Bronze, Titanium, Zamac, Pot Metal, Blue Tip, Super Adjustables, Black Handle, Bottom Dial, Red Dot Fatboys.

Different platings on Gillette Old Type Heads for reference of the different colors. Safety razors can be replated with the platings I offer, Mirror Nickel, Copper, Palladium, 24K Gold.