Order Form To Replate Razors

Heads Up!- I will be off Sept 27 to Oct 15, I am fully booked until I leave. Any razors sent after I leave will be safe at my UPS Store where my box is.

Next Time off will be Nov 22 to Dec 11 while we celebrate Thanksgiving and transition back to Quartzsite Arizona. Cutoff will be Nov 15th.

NO SALES TAX or OTHER FEES when ordered off this website. Non-USA Please use my Etsy Store.

To discuss orders on my website- 2cmspencer@gmail.com, Use Etsy messages for Etsy orders only, I cannot discuss my website on Etsy!

  1. Fill out the Order Form below within 2 days of sending, to let me know what you are sending in and when. After clicking SEND ORDER, a web page will open with my current address as we have a house in Quartzsite, AZ (Winter) and Billings, MT (Summer). Accepting orders through USPS only!
  2. Your razor(s) will be added to the Order Status page in the order they are received, I do not need a tracking number, this will be the only notification of received razor(s).
  3. When work is complete, you will be emailed pictures, an invoice from Paypal will follow.
  4. Free First Class Return Shipping USA Only. If you would like to be charged for insurance, please let me know.

Enter PayPal Email if different from EMAIL below, or send Cash, Check or Money Order. Checks and Money Orders need to be made out to Chris Spencer.

Enter Razor Description and Plating Choice – Mirror Nickel or 24K Gold

EXCLUSIONS – I do not plate STAINLESS STEEL Razors, TOGGLES, Bottom Dials, Black Handle Gillettes, Super Adjustables, Blue Tips, Gem Micromatics, Chrome, Zamak, Zinc, Pot Metal Razors, Plastic, Starburst, Titanium, Bronze, Aluminum handle, Schick Eversharp all metal handle, any replated razor I did not do. Not replating Razor Cases at this time. I can plate Red Tips but will not paint the TTO (TTO can be plated Nickel or Gold).

  • PLATING PRICING Includes TuneUp and Repair and Return Shipping is free to USA. Non-USA Please use my Etsy Store. My recommendation? Always- Mirror Nickel, longest lasting of most Gillette razors over the last 120 years.
    • Mirror Nickel – $60 Outer doors and End caps are Mirror polished, rest of razor is super polished factory look.
    • 2-Tone $70 – Any combination of Mirror Nickel and 24K Gold of these 5 pieces – TTO, Handle and Guard, Doors, End Caps and T Bar.
    • 24K Gold – $75 Outer doors and End caps are Mirror polished, rest of razor is super polished factory look.
    • White Platinum and Palladium – I cant get plating soltions for these that are as consistant as Rhodium. They cause stains or spots sometimes that need polishing. When Rhodium prices fall I will bring it back.
  • TUNE-UP – CLEAN AND POLISH – $30.00 Razors receive the same pretreatment, clean and polish as our re-plating service. Safety Razor Disassembled, adjusted, disinfected and polished. Return Shipping is Free to the US. Non-USA Please use my Etsy Store.
  • Add On Items (when ordering safety razor re-plating)
    • Single New End Cap $10 each (we supply the end cap, install, and plate with razor)
    • Blade Banks – $30 Nickel $40 Gold
    • 3 Piece Head (Top Cap) – $20 Nickel $25 Gold
    • 3 Piece Guard (Base Plate) – $20 Nickel $25 Gold
    • 3 Piece Handle – $25 Nickel $30 Gold